Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

I am a true Florida native, and can speak to the joy that is living the Florida lifestyle. As the trusted real estate professional for my clients, I understand that selling and/or buying is a deeply personal, and usually one of the largest financial decisions in my client’s lives. This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards my clients drives me to be an expert at the job. I have a deep understanding of the local market, the latest trends, and the variables involved in a creating a successful real estate transaction. My mission is to make sure you feel supported and that you have a trusted advisor by your side from beginning to end.

As a seller, you want to effectively (and beautifully) market the home and then negotiate to secure the highest possible price and cleanest terms for the sale. As a buyer, you want a patient, yet assertive partner to help to buy the right home for you, at the best possible price. This is where our team steps in to partner with you as your real estate consultant, negotiator and project manager.

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