Live in the home of your dreams today! Do you think that a credit misstep has put home ownership out of your reach?  Are you just starting out in life and you are unsure if renting or owning is the better choice? Do you want to live in a great home in the best neighborhoods that Florida has to offer?

If you answered yes, the Baron Holdings Real Estate Lease with the Right to Purchase program can help you get moved into the home of your dreams.  This program is designed for those that may have a blemish on their credit that excludes them from qualifying for traditional financing, for anyone undecided between renting or buying, or for those who want to live in a great community but are unsure where they may want to settle down permanently.

Our team is able to assist families with financial obstacles such as sub-prime credit scores, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc. move into their dream home via our Lease with the Right to Purchase.  This program allows our clients the ability to live in the home they want while they work to improve their financial situation that will enable them to qualify for purchasing a home.

The Lease with the Right to Purchase is also the intelligent choice for those that are undecided between purchasing a home or renting.  The program is also ideal for recent college graduates, those starting a new job or relocating to Florida, or for anyone that wants to reside in one of the great communities that Florida has to offer.


The Team at Baron Holdings Real Estate will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process.  The first step will be to get you pre-approved by making sure you that you meet the minimum requirements.  Once you are pre-approved, the professionals at Baron Holdings Real Estate help you apply for approval to the Lease with the Right to Purchase program.  Upon your approval, you will receive an official letter that states the amount of the monthly rent that you qualify for.


The real estate pros at Baron Holdings Real Estate will use the approved rental amount you qualify for to help you locate your new home.  Our partners will then buy the home you choose, and you will be able to lease the home for up to five years. 


The entire process takes an average of eight weeks.  Baron Holdings Real Estate has a network of providers that can help you with moving, packing, or storage to make your move more efficient.


You will have the chance to purchase your home from the first day of move in until year five! If you decide not to purchase the home, then your security deposit will be returned to you.


 Baron Holdings Real Estate proudly helps potential home owners and renters consider and pursue an alternative path to purchasing and owning a home with our Lease with the Right to Purchase program. Once you have been approved, then our real estate professionals will help you identify and select the right home for you.  We will find you an amazing home in a great Florida neighborhood!

The goal of Baron Holdings Real Estate is to provide a service and experience that leaves our clients happy and in love with their new home.  Baron Holdings Real Estate does this by reviewing the program and its details with our applicants before they apply.  All applicants are encouraged to ask questions, execute their own research, and work with their agent to ensure that our Lease with the Right to Purchase program is the right option for them.

If you are ready to live in the home you have always wanted, and you feel as if this alternative form to ownership is for you, then you are encouraged to get pre-approved today!  There is no charge or even obligation to get pre-approved.  Our pre-approval process is fast, easy, and complimentary.  Once you have reviewed the terms for pre-approval, submit your information.  The pre-approval process takes 24-48 hours.  You will be notified of your pre-approval status and then you are eligible to take the next step to moving into the homes of your dream!  

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